Educational Outreach Program

  1. Teacher’s Guide to the Traveling Exhibition

    This Guide will provide teachers with education objectives, ties to learning standards, background material, discussion questions, suggested research activities, and assessment tools. Topics will include: American History in the 1950’s and 1960’s American culture in the Post World War II/ Cold War period Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy

    • The Space Race
    • Folk Music in America
    • Basic Music Theory
  2. Kingston Trio Chorale Book for High School, college, and public choirs

    This book will consist of a choral book of a variety of Kingston Trio songs selected for variety, diversity, and musical interest. The SATB arrangements will permit students to easily incorporate these crowd pleasers into their performance repertoire and expose today’s students and youth to folk music. The multi-cultural nature of the Trio’s music makes it highly appropriate for use with underserved school populations.

  3. Kingston Trio Band Book for performing and marching bands

    This book will contain arrangements for a variety of musical uses with performing and marching bands. It will also track with the Chorale Book for integrated voice and instrumental performances. The novelty and ease of playing will provide a rich multi-cultural repertoire for performing groups.

  4. Kingston Trio Let’s Get Singing book with simplified chords

    This book will contain some of the best known Trio songs using simplified melody and chord arrangements and lyrics for singing along. It is designed for people who always wanted to get that guitar out of the closet and play. Exhibition visitors will be able to play the songs they heard in the exhibition.

  5. Kingston Trio Seminar Series – academic symposia

    A series of symposia coordinated with the travel schedule of the exhibition available to sponsoring museums. A group of speakers would be available to provide talks during the exhibition’s stay in a sponsoring institution. In addition, a series of academic gatherings in select cities sponsored by institutions of higher education would explore topics related to the Trio and its impact, the historical context, folk music forms and history, and the American culture of the period. Topics on Civil Rights, the Kennedy era, the impact of Viet Nam, etc. can be tied to the stories, songs, and performers of the era.

  6. Kingston Trio Harmonizer – Book, computer program & CD to teach harmony singing

    This product is a music education experience which takes a group of the Trio’s songs and provides instruction and a technological interface to let the learner participate in the harmonies of the Trio and literally sing along. Along the way, the user will develop voice skills and harmony skills. Chords and lyrics will be included, and a karaoke mode will permit practice in private, or for entertainment.

  7. Kingston Trio online archive – reference for researchers

    The archive will consist of documents and media that amplify the history, impact, context, and milestones of the Kingston Trio. The Trio’s broad and deep impacts will inform the curatorial guidelines for collection management. While hard copy, original artifact and document preservation, and media archiving will be a part of the Kingston Trio Legacy Project, the online archive will be part of the new digital humanities movement to provide a rich digital resource for researchers and students.