Kingston Trio at the City Museum of New York

The Kinghsto Trio is featured at the new exhibit at the City Museum of New York, at which a beautiful book by our Board member, Ron Cohen, is available. Here's what the New York Times had to say: "The exhibition itself, “Folk City: New York and the Folk Music Revival,” touches very lightly on the many paradoxes and contradictions of the folk boom: the way rural music found its strongest champions in New York City, the way tradition was simultaneously venerated and tossed aside, the competing imperatives of politics, entertainment, musicality, authenticity and pop careerism.

Kingston Trio Exhibit Opens at the Guthrie Center September 24 2015

A joint effort sponsored by the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma brought together the Woody Guthrie Archive, the Grammy Museum, and the Kingston Trio Legacy Project to create “Hard Travelin’: Woody Guthrie, the Kingston Trio and the Folk Revival.” The 1500 square foot exhibit explores the roots of folk music and the state of folk music up to the 1950s when the Kingston Trio burst on the scene and became the stimulus for a revolution in folk music. Their legacy is explored in the impact folk music made on the nation as it went through the turbulent times of the 1960s.

Kingston Trio and the Folk Revival Exhibition to open in September

The Kingston Trio Legacy Project is collaborating with the Guthrie Center ( and the Grammy Museum ( to open a new exhibit next month entitled “The Kingston Trio and the Folk Revival.” The exhibit will cover the state of folk music in the 40s and 50s, the “spark” and rationale for the explosion in the late fifties, and the legacy that produced for popular, business, and social outcomes.

Kingston Trio included in British Invasion Exhibit

Sponsored by the Grammy Museum, the British Invasion Exhibit will open in Liverpool on October 16, and will include Kingston Trio artifacts as part of the story being told. Bob Santelli, Executive Director at The GRAMMY Museum, added: “We are very excited to partner with the Beatles Story Liverpool to create The British Invasion: How 1960s Beat Groups Conquered America exhibition. From radio playlists to merchandising to touring, we dug deep to uncover the American Blues roots and influencers at the heart of this invasion, says Bob Santelli, Executive Director of the GRAMMY Museum.

Balladeers circle support furthers Kingston Trio Legacy Project

Thanks to the response to the initial Balladeers Circle call for support, the Kingston Trio Legacy Project has been able to make great progress. Traveling boxes were hand-made to transport Kingston Trio artifacts and instruments around the country. New oral histories have been collected (see Media drop-down menu), and a Kingston Trio Collection at a major institution will soon be announced.

Kingston Trio Exhibit Now Open in Coronado, CA!

Thanks to the support of the Balladeer's Circle, the Kingston Trio Legacy Project has kicked off its first traveling exhibition from November 2, 2012, through April 7, 2013, at the beautiful Coronado Historical Association Museum of History and Art.  Curated by project director Kerry Joels, opening night was attended by hundreds, and followed the next evening by Kerry's curatorial talk and a Kingston Trio sing-along.  A multi-year national exhibit schedule is currently being planned.  Below is the article about the exhibit reprinted from the

Friends of the Kingston Trio form the Balladeers Circle

People from all over the country have joined together in support of the Kingston Trio Legacy Project. Sending stories, memories, artifacts, and good wishes, these generous individuals are supporting the Kingston Trio Traveling Exhibition, and the Kingston Trio Folk Music Education Outreach Program. They are helping to introduce a new generation to the songs, the harmonies, and the legacy of the Kingston Trio. With her permission, we are sharing the letter that accompanied Susan Buttina’s gift in memory of her late husband Rick.

Kingston Trio Traveling Exhibition Kicks-off in Paris

Bob Dylan was asked about his early influences. He named three. Elvis, Buddy Holly, and the Kingston Trio. When the Bob Dylan Rock Explosion opened in Paris at the Musee de la Musique in March, the first gallery was a tribute to these early influences. Created for the Musee by the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, the Kingston Trio Legacy Project provided an exhibit and a video on the Trio and its influence on Dylan.

Executive Committee member Gus Russo publishes Boomer Days

Amazon review: “What a trip! I read Boomer Days in two sittings and was sorry to see it end. Gus Russo, one of my favorite crime reporters, has written another of his entertaining 20th century narratives - this time as a memoir. As a fellow Boomer, I was instantly transported to the era of my youth, as Russo made me think of things I hadn't thought of in years. The golden ages of music, tennis, political upheaval, hippies, conspiracy theories - they all come alive and practically jump off the pages.

Executive Committee member Milt Okun publishes Along Cherry Lane: A Life in Music.

Amazon review: “There is more, so very much more, about Milton Okun to be learned from this highly entertaining book – including messages from admirers and those whose career he boosted. But throughout the book Okun talks about his love of opera, lists his favorite operas, arias, opera singers, classical orchestral music, all in a manner that is warm and sharing, rich in reminiscences about teaching music as well as arranging and conducting music.